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Barbora Simajchlova

          architect & production designer
Ostrava city - Vitkovice
| 2011
atelier Jan Sepka and Mirka Tumova

+ M.Ralbovska, P.Uchal and J.Zoha
The barriers and borders are like wounds of the body of the city, which can be stitched up.
Stiches = bridges = houses.
The past gives the quarter of Vítkovice a fixed structure. The city planning under the Communist regime
preferred industry development to civil facilities. The decline was deepened by closure of blast furnaces.
As a consequence Vítkovice became  a home for socially disadvantaged and maladjusted citizens - and
that is also a current state of the quarter: the housing development is incomplete, there are many gap sites
and a lack of services. The quarter is surrounded by industrial areas, a four-lane highway and a railway -
and that is problem on its own. In a figurative sense these are the wounds of the body of the city which
must be stitched together. In our project stitches are represented by houses which are here to get over the
barriers. Their role is not only to connect the parts together. To heal up, it is necessary to develop a project
that will use and support the potential of both parts. The aim of our work is to find an impulse which will
kick off a restoration and further development of Vítkovice. This impulse would intensify the housing
development, fill gap sites and lure new citizens.