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Barbora Simajchlova

          architect & production designer
Children community centre Kampa
| 2009
atelier Jan Stempel and Ondrej Benes
Community centre is a place for interaction between parents and children. The principle of opening
“drawers” enables to make a common space in a “cupboard” for all activities inside the “drawers”.
The objective of the community centre is to create a space not only for children at pre-school and pre-
kindergarten age but mainly for their mothers. The community centre gives them a chance to escape the
isolation when on maternity leave. There are lots of opportunities: workshops, exercise, film screening,
playroom and various activities organised by volunteers. The communication between children but mainly
between mums is crucial. It is one of the main criterions. My aim is to create a public meeting space. That’s
why I developed this “drawer concept”. Every activity has its own drawer so that they did not disturb each
other but at the same time they constantly interacted - that’s what a common space with a gallery is here
for. There is no need for a corridor. The common area is linked to its surrounding via a glass front on the
north side. Children are protected inside but at the same time they can observe the environment outside.
“The drawers” create a more intimate part of the centre and are connected to the garden.