Barbora Simajchlova

          architect & production designer
Klarov - public space/garden
| 2011
atelier doc.Jan Jehlík
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Today Klarov  is nor a square, neither a park - the place is not adequately used. The project aims to give it a
new look and value. Klarov is situated on the significant crossroad of city public transport, it’s near the
river. In this project it’s transformed into a new garden, a public orchard. The garden is a characteristic
feature of the Lesser Town, gardens and orchards take up the majority of a free space here.

Each garden is surrounded with a wall. The wall defines the border between busy streets and a calm area of
the garden. It raises kind of a mysterious question: what is hiding behind?

The project divides the area into three parts:  an upper part, an orchard and a lower part. In the upper part
there are located a newly built restaurant and café. The part is connected to the Malostranska street
surroundings. The orchard gradually goes down through terraces towards the river Vltava. It is possible to
use shortcuts - orchard staircase. The orchard is composed of apple trees. The lower part is part of the
riverbank. There is a path connecting waterfront with the Lesser Town. The lower part is quite spacious and
there are no barriers. It is a place that can be used in many ways for various activities. The newly built
creek represents a significant change to its former look. Compared to other riverbanks, water is calm here.